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Break on through to the other side!

Oh, what weekend.

Dan, Corey, and I attended an Island party Saturday night in Harrisburg PA. It was really more of a rave, just to clarify things. So, we get there and find the island. A pontoon boat is ferrying attendees back and forth at an alarmingly slow rate, so we crack and pay someone with a speed boat 5 bucks a person to get us over there. We have to walk through about 15 yards of water to get there. And Dan was the only person who took his shoes off.

So suffice to say, Corey and I had some cold feet.

Anyway, the boats run until 10 at night, and start again at 6 in the morning. I had to work at 9, no problem right?

So here we are, 8:30 and excited. We can already hear the inescapable beat of the music. Glow sticks and Corey's duck light are way through a dark foreboding path. We find the entrance, flash are Id's and pay are entrance fee. And there we learn that if you can bring back 5 recyclables we can get a free water. This came very much in handy later.

Corey and Dan hung out with there E-asy friend right away. I however opted for Lucy myself, dont really go the other way.

Uhh, highlights include: Santa clause was there, along with the easter bunny.
This guy had glowstick crutches.
I saw the happiest kid ever, he was hugging an stuffed alligator and swaying on the dance floor like the most content 3 year old you've ever seen for like 2 hours.
This guy had a glow ribbon thing. TRUST ME it was sweet.
Made a lot of good comparisons.
Raft building montage.

Anyway, though the big news. Around 4:45am or so the music stopped. Everyone knew that wasn't supposed to happen. And then Someone walks through and yells POLICE! And let me tell you, You will never see ravers move as fast and as efficiently as they did here. The whole island down to the person, jumped in there respective tents. we didn't have tents however. So Dan starts freaking out a bit. Saying we should get in somebodys tent? I didnt quite get that myself, considering if the cops came, were fucked. Were on an island, where would we go. And also, why would it help if we were in a tent?

Corey and I go to investigate the disturbance. And we talk to some of the people running the party. they explain its not the cops, its a search and rescue team, some kid named Christian was missing. A bit of a relief. By this time its about 5:15 so Corey and I go to check on the lines to get off the island. theres about 6-8 people. They inform us the guy driving th eboat said "Its to dark now, Im going to go sleep for an hour. So we went back and grabbed Dan. Hung around for a bit longer and got to the line at 6:20 with no sign of the boat.

...3 hours later...Already late to work, and its my last day at the OLC.

WE get informed the boats are going to be shut down for an hour, since they found the DEAD BODY of Christian in the Susquehanna river. Wonderful, someone died. So we sit at the same spot doing that thing. We see a toddler leg just kind of "standing" there. And many a joke comes out of that. Apparently it was there last year too. This is where we discuss the raft montage, which went as follows.

first everybody stands up and gets in a circle to see Corey drawing out plans in the dirt with a stick. The diagram is squareish and he puts a few X's in the corners.
Cut to next scene, everyone is collecting suitable wood in a line. Everyones working together, someone trips and a stranger helps them up. Showing are surreal teamwork at this time of crisis. Then the the next scene is the very corner of the raft and someones hands (preferably someone black so we show how diverse we are) tying a knot around some wood. Then we need a shot of the finished raft and all of us standing over it with a real exaggerated High five, followed by us sailing away.

However this wasted about 5 minutes of time, so we were there until about 11:50.

And then when we get to the shore the press tries to ask us questions, and we arent having any of that.

So I get to work 6 hours late, tired as shit.

The end.
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